Live redesign in progress

This website is currently undergoing updates across the board. Fresh content, custom code, and a new design. Feel free to stop in every so often, to see what I’m up to. And as always, thanks for stopping by! ❤️

Creative Kaiju

To those unfamiliar with the artistic mind, people who are creative can appear to be different than most. We tend to live in an imagination full of rich, vivid worlds, built around our own experiences. These worlds can be beautiful, or they can be terrifying. We witness the echoes of these landscapes in the work that we create in the real world.

For myself, I grew up around fantastical stories about spaceships, monsters, wizards, or even the occasional dragon.

Okay, maybe a lot of dragons.

The idea is that inside each of us, there lies a massive creature of imagination. Getting it to come out takes a lot of work, patience, and inspiration.

This new version of my site will become my Kaiju.

I've moved over to the 11ty publishing platform with the goal of creating new work. This allows me to focus more on my creativity and getting to have more control over my site, without having to spend too much time or energy on a no-code type of system (such as Squarespace).

Please feel free to join me on this journey. Let's build a kaiju together, shall we?