About Anton

Currently, I am a freelance remote worker seeking a long-term home of employment that I can top off to an amazing, and fun-filled career. I am thoughtful, professional, respectful, and dedicated to my workflow. My familiarity with agile projects, as well as online communication tools allows me to adapt quickly to any team environment, regardless of size.

From a technical standpoint, I am platform-agnostic (comfortable with MacOS, Windows, and various flavors of Linux), and have used Adobe Creative Suite (since the Macromedia days) – primarily Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, AfterEffects, and Premiere. I am also comfortable working in other design programs, like Affinity Designer, and Photo. My 3D work began in the realm of Lightwave, but was quickly replaced by Blender 3D, as well as Substance Painter.