Foreplay to Creativity

Close your eyes for a moment and breathe in, slowly (not literally, as I’d like you to continue reading). Let your chest swell up, feeling the fabric of your shirt against your skin. Allow the air inside you to rush off into the bloodstream, assigned to the duty of exciting the senses. Goosebumps push softly outward, a cascading array of chills that spread forward with a slight rush.

Reach out, ever so slowly, and let your fingertips caress the cool plastic of the keyboard in front of you. You should be prepared to write, right now. The key to creativity is more than just letting it flow. You have to be “in the mood”. Treat it with the careful passion of lovers that spend hours just gazing into each others eyes.

I’ve found that people tend to approach both writing and art in three, vastly different ways: Some like to just walk up to it, bang it out, publish it, and fall asleep quickly. Others will use outlines and lists to structure a fully prepared document that has sound reason and semantics to it. My favorite method however, is to spend time with the idea in my head, until I become so enamored with it that I can’t wait to create it.

This isn’t to say that one of these three methods is any better than the other two, but that there might be a method that is better for you personally. How you approach your creativity might be different than mine, but you might be surprised which method actually gives you the ultimate satisfaction that you’re looking for when it’s over. ;)

My final advice? Be passionate. Always.