Funded From Kickstarter

GATHER is a dream that I am currently working on. A graphic novel, based around these two odd characters (called J03 and Gnawk). Although the project was funded on May 27th, it hasn’t been without a few small snags and delays that have me still scrambling to get it finished up.

Because this is a personal project, it requires a bit of juggling with the items that can quite suddenly take higher priority. But I will prevail, and this book shall see completion.

The Process

Creating the book has been an incredibly fun learning experience, as I have had to revisit how I assumed that I would make it, when coming across problems that required solving, or ideas that were just simply a better way to do “X” thing. Currently, the pages are all drawn and inked (painted) by hand on Blueline Pro comic boards. Once scanned in, they are taken into Adobe Fireworks for panels, speech bubbles, and text. The fonts were purchased on Blambot, for professional use. Each page, when completed, is exported out and added into Scribus, so that when complete, can be exported into a press-quality PDF.